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Call for Papers: Special issue on Climate Change, NRM and Conflict

  • Chief Editor: Naya S. Paudel
  • Managing Editor: Rahul Karki

The Journal of Forest and Livelihood aims to inform environmental policy process by facilitating dialogue among politicians, professionals, activists, researchers and policy maker. The Journal documents and disseminates the insights, lessons and innovations taking place in sociocultural, political, and economic aspects of environmental governance and rural livelihoods in Nepal. Original scientific papers, short communications and review articles are published in JFL. In this connection, we welcome articles analyzing contemporary issues on nature-society interactions that have direct implications on local livelihoods, resource sustainability, and social equity and justice. We particularly encourage papers that are guided by critical social science perspectives, enriched by insights from deliberative governance, political economy, political ecology, social learning and institutional theories.

CALL FOR PAPERS (Click here for more detail)